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4, 5, and 20- What equations can we write with these numbers? Use x or /
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I need to make 18 groups with one book in each group. How many books do I need? What equation represents this story? _____ / ____=_____
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Multiplying by one is an important math concept. Multiplying by one helps us solve math problems. Multiplying by one is easy to do!
Multiplying by One
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What is fluency? How is it helpful? Focus on multiplying and dividing by 1
Fact Fluency
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If you multiply any number by one, the result is the same number! Multiplying by one can help you figure out the area of a rectangle. In math, multiplying by one is often written as 1x or x1.
Fun facts:
6. Drawings
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What is 1 group of 1?
7. Drawings
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What is 2 groups of 1?
8. Drawings
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What is 3 groups of 1?
9. Drawings
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What is 4 groups of 1?
10. Open question
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What did you learn about multiplying by 1?

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