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Narrative Writing


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In one word, What is the most important part of a narrative story?
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Narrative writing tells a story. It is used to express a point of view or to recount an event. It should include characters, a plot, a setting, and a resolution. It can be written in the first, second, or third person.
Narrative Writing
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Plot Diagram
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Exposition: The exposition is where readers learn about the main characters, the setting, and the background information they’ll need to understand the rest of the story. 2. Rising Action: The rising action starts with the “inciting incident” which triggers the conflict and starts the story’s action. The rising action is where the main character experiences complications and setbacks, but the sequence of events moves him/her toward the climax.
Narrative Plot
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3. Climax: The climax is the event that changes the course of action or way of life for the main character. It is the critical point where all the action, tension, and conflict must be dealt with. It is often intense for the character and has the potential to change the character or the character’s life forever. The reader should be feeling excitement, concern, and tension.
Narrative Plot
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4. Falling Action: During the falling action, the character must deal with his decisions and the changes in his life brought about by the conflict. It includes the events that happen after the climax and before the story comes to an end. 5. Resolution: The resolution is how the story ends. It often includes hints or a description of how the character’s life will be forever changed.
Narrative Plot
7. Drawings
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Pick your Favorite Book/ Movie and draw a Narrative Plot.
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What do 9th graders think is the most important element of a narrative story?
  • A strong plot
  • Strong character development
  • A well-crafted argument
  • Creating a vivid setting
9. Drawings
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Draw a Narrative Plot for your book club book. (Just what you’ve read so far)

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