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Narrative voice in The Hate U Give
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Read Chapter 1 to remind yourself of character voice.
Silent reading
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Who is the narrator of 'The Hate U Give'?
  • Hailey Grant
  • Maya Yang
  • Maverick Carter
  • Starr Carter
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The novel is narrated by 16-year-old Starr, a Black girl from an urban neighbourhood. Starr's narrative voice captures the complexity and struggles of her experience. Through her voice, readers can better understand the racism, police brutality, and social justice issues.
The Narrative Voice in The Hate U Give
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The Hate U Give was originally written as a screenplay before becoming a novel. The narrative voice in the novel is written in an African American Vernacular English (AAVE) dialect. This is a stylistic device. Chances are, you have probably used phrases that originated as in AAVE.
Did you know?
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Record three words or phrases from Chapter 1 that you would consider examples of AAVE.
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Brain break: Draw a monster with the head of a pineapple and the arms of a bicycle.
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Narrative voice: the style of writing that is employed by the author to tell the story. It can be first-person, where the protagonist is the narrator, or it can be third-person, where the narrator is an outside observer. Unreliable narrator: a narrator whose credibility has been seriously compromised. This can be due to their limited perspective or their own biases.
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What is the narrative voice used in 'The Hate U Give'?
  • Third-person limited
  • Third-person omniscient
  • First-person
  • Second-person
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What effect does using first-person in 'The Hate U Give' have on the reader?
  • It creates a sense of intimacy and empathy with Starr.
  • It allows us to see into the minds of multiple characters.
  • It makes the story feel more objective and distant.
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How would the novel be different if it was told in a different narrative voice?
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What similarities can you draw between the narrative point of view in The Hate U Give and In My Blood It Runs ?
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Draw a picture of the iPhone 25

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