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1. Word cloud
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In just a few words, describe a moment that changed your life.
2. Personalised Feedback
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Can you describe a time in your life when you faced a difficult challenge and how you overcame it?
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Personal narratives are stories that describe a real-life experience from your own perspective. Writing a personal narrative allows you to reflect on your own experiences and share them with others. Creating a personal narrative helps you to understand yourself better and develop empathy for others.
The Power of Personal Narratives
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Personal narrative: A written story that is based on a writer’s own experiences, thoughts, and opinions. Plot: The sequence of events in a story that makes up the conflict and resolution. Reflection: The process of taking time to consider one’s thoughts and feelings about an experience or topic.
5. Poll
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What do you think is the most important lesson you have learned in 8th grade?
  • The importance of self-advocacy
  • How to manage time and prioritize tasks
  • The value of collaboration and working together
  • The power of critical thinking and problem-solving
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Personal narratives can be used to teach readers about the writer's life experiences and lessons learned. Personal narratives can be used to connect people and cultures together. Personal narratives can also be used to explore the complexity of emotions and feelings.
Did you know?
7. Open question
300 seconds
What elements of this personal narrative surprised you the most?
8. Open question
300 seconds
What do you think the purpose of the personal narrative is?
9. Open question
300 seconds
How does this personal narrative relate to your own life experience?
10. Open question
300 seconds
What messages are being conveyed in this personal narrative?

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