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In a story, what is a plot?
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Characters: Individuals that inhabit the story and are affected by the plot. Setting: The environment in which the story takes place. Conflict: Circumstances that impede the characters and propel the plot forward.
Elements of a Plot
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A plot diagram is a graphic organizer that displays the structure of a story. It includes the five main elements of a story: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. These elements are used to identify and analyze a story’s plot structure.
Plot Diagram
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Plot Diagram
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Plot: the sequence of events that make up a story. It is the backbone of a narrative, and often includes rising and falling action, characters, and conflicts. Rising Action: the part of a story when the conflict and tension builds. It often leads up to the climax of the story. Climax: the turning point of a story when the conflict is at its highest point and the protagonist must take decisive action to resolve the conflict.
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Opinion: What is the best type of plot in literature?
  • Romantic Plot
  • Mystery Plot
  • Tragedy Plot
  • Comic Plot
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What are the elements of a fictional story?
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What are some examples of stories that you have read that have interesting plot lines?
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What do you think makes a plot interesting?
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How does the plot of a story affect the overall message of the story?

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