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I can identify the problem and solution in the text. Problem and Solution is one kind of text structure. It presents a problem and then explains the steps taken to solve the problem. If you are struggling with identifying problem and solution in the text, try rereading and marking text evidence.
Learning objective:
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What is a problem?
  • A task or situation that is difficult to do or deal with.
  • A challenge.
  • A solution to a difficulty.
  • An obstacle.
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What is a solution?
  • A task or situation that is difficult to do or deal with.
  • A challenge.
  • A way to overcome a difficulty.
  • An obstacle.
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Problem: a situation that is unsatisfactory and that needs to be addressed or solved. Solution: an answer or resolution to a problem. Critical thinking: the ability to think logically and carefully about a situation or problem in order to make the best decision or arrive at the best answer.
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Problem solving is a skill that can be improved through practice. Working with puzzles, games, and educational activities can help develop problem-solving skills. The term 'problem-solving' was first used in the 1950s to describe the process of finding solutions to complex issues. Problem solving is not only used in math and science, but also in everyday life. It can help with decision making, problem-solving, and planning.
Did you know?
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Did you make progress with your fluency today?
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What are you focusing on when trying to improve your fluency?
  • Accuracy
  • Phrasing and Punctuation
  • Rate
  • Expression
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What problem is presented in paragraph 1?
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What solution is presented to the problem in paragraph 1?
10. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a flying cheeseburger with a superhero cape and a mask.

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