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make government more responsive to the people create more economic opportunities for people correct injustices in American life
Progressive Movement - Reform
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protect social welfare promote moral improvement create economic reform foster efficiency
Progressive Goals:
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What is "protecting social welfare"?
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improve the harsh conditions of industrialization try to help the poor YMCA, Salvation Army Florence Kelley - improved lives of women and children who worked in factories
1. Protect Social Welfare
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What does it mean to "promote moral improvement"?
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improving their personal behavior and morality would help the poor prohibition (the banning of alcohol) would be one way to improve personal behavior Carry Nation - damaged saloons with her hatchet
2. Promote Moral Improvement
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What is "creating economic reform"?
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some Americans want socialism - spread the wealth out equally big business received favorable treatment from government and politicians Eugene Debs - organized the American Socialist Party
3. Create Economic Reform
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What is meant by "fostering efficiency"?
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using experts to make society, government, and the workplace more efficient scientific management - trying to determine how fast a task can be performed leads to the use of the assembly line
4. Fostering Efficiency
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What option best represents a muckraker?
  • assembly line worker
  • writer
  • farmer
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Writers who wrote about corruption in business and public life Ida Tarbell - Lincoln Steffens - Upton Sinclair -
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What one deals with the meat packing industry?
  • The History of the Standard Oil Company
  • Shame of the Cities
  • The Jungle
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Progressive reforms take place at the local and state level governors try to regulate large businesses
Reform at the State Level
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Draw your best Wisconsin
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progressive Republican governor of Wisconsin wanted to get corporations out of politics major target was the railroad industry wanted railroads to be taxed and regulated and treated the same as people
Robert LaFollette

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