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Rules of soccer


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Football Rules
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to recognize the important rules of football.
Lesson Objectives
3. Open question
240 seconds
Starter Write 10 names of UAE football clubs.
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Two teams of 11 players each play on a field with one goal for each team. The team that scores the most goals wins the game. Players can use their feet, head, or chest to move the ball around the field.
Modeling Rules of Soccer
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Offside Rule If a player is closer to the opposing goal than both the ball and the second-to-last defender, they are in an offside position and cannot participate in active play.
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Is this game offside or not? Why?
  • Offside
  • No Offside
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Fouls and Free Kicks:
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Is this a foul? Why?
  • Foul
  • No Foul
10. Word cloud
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What are some of the most important rules of soccer?
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What is the most important rule of soccer?
  • No hands allowed
  • Respect the referee
  • Teamwork
  • Score as many goals as possible
12. Open question
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How do the rules of soccer help to make it a fair game?
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Quiz Time
14. Open question
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What have you learned about the rules of soccer?

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