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Understand that everyone experiences bad, upsetting, negative things in life and when we are optimistic we are able to face them with a positive attitude. You can develop a optimistic outlook by recognizing the good in yourself and others. Learn techniques to help you stay positive and optimistic when facing difficult situations. Take a negative and turn it into a positive.
Learning to be an Optimist Thinker
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Make sure you get some food in you. Having food in you helps you focus and make smart choices Surround yourself with positive people Keep your head up and looking forward. If something negative is happening now, try to focus on some positives to come. Practice positive self talk. Even though it feels great to hear it from others, being positive to yourself is one of the most important things.
A few techniques to help you stay positive and optimistic
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I will try my best on this test! My day can only get worse. We might have lost the game but we will win next time. I don't want to play because I will lose. Today is going to be a great Friday. My friend had a rough time, but I know she will be back to herself soon.
Lets judge some saying. If you think the sentence is being optimistic. Give a thumbs up. If not, thumbs down
5. Open question
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Scenario 1. Ugh it is raining outside so recess is inside. How can we turn this at first negative reaction and be optimistic and positive about it.
6. Open question
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Scenario 2. It snowed but we have an E-Learning day. How can we be optimistic about that?
7. Drawings
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Brain break for 5th graders only. Draw a picture of a snail surfing a big wave.
8. Open question
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Brain Break for 1st grade. Draw a very tall person eating a very tall ice cream.
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Of these 3...Where do you feel you can be most optimistic?
  • At home
  • At school
  • In the car
10. Open question
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Why is it important to be an optimistic thinker? Talk with partner before answering.
11. Drawings
360 seconds
1st grade, draw a picture of Mrs. Kennedy being optimistic.
12. Drawings
360 seconds
5th grade, draw a picture of Mr.Todd being optimistic.

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