Scale your product with network effects (a workshop)


An hour long design thinking workshop where you work with how you can scale your startup by using ne

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1. Slide
60 seconds
Scale your startup with network effects
2. Drawings
270 seconds
Warm up: Draw a WOW'ed user that just used your product
3. Open question
180 seconds
What are network effects?
4. Slide
60 seconds
The definition
  • The value of a product or service increases when the number of people who use that product or service increases
  • Example: The more of your friends using Whatsapp/Facebook - the more valuable the app becomes for you.
5. Slide
60 seconds
Three parts of network effects
  • The acquisition effect
  • The engagement effect
  • The economic effect
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60 seconds
Acquisition effect
  • The Acquisition Effect which allows products to tap into their network to drive growth in users more cheaply as the network grows
  • How Tinder arranged parties
  • How Paypal made use of Ebay
  • Hotmail and Iphone on emails
  • How Airbnb used Craigslist to kickstart their network
7. Open question
300 seconds
How might we super charge some acquisition effects
8. Slide
60 seconds
The engagement effect
  • The Engagement Effect which involves user engagement going up as the network grows
  • The nature of reengagement with recurring meetings on zoom, meet, teams, whereby!
  • Stickiness - The natural reengagement effect of slack
9. Open question
300 seconds
How might a user reengage with your product?
10. Slide
60 seconds
The economic effect
  • The Economic Effect which involves monetization rates going up as the network grows.
  • How Uber needed lots of drivers to kickstart the local network - subsidise fixed salaries or large bonuses to drive for uber and not a competitor
  • How you might subsidise the "hard" side of the network in order to solve the cold start problem
11. Open question
240 seconds
How might we use money to kickstart our platform?
12. Slide
60 seconds
Network of networks
13. Slide
60 seconds
Inspiration by examples
  • Airbnb is a global network because people travel over far distances
  • LinkedIn is a network of local networks.
  • Slack is a network of networks. One channel = 1 network
14. Open question
240 seconds
How might we use our networks to scaling out of our first local network? (Perhaps with network of networks?)
15. Slide
60 seconds
Great job guys! Not there is only one thing we need to do!

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