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Sounds Waves

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What is sound? (Answer with a few words)
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Sound is a type of energy that travels in waves through air, water, or solids. When a sound wave hits an object, it can be reflected, absorbed, or transmitted. Reflection occurs when a sound wave bounces off a surface and returns to its original direction.
Sound Waves
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Sound Waves: A wave of energy which is created when a vibrating object moves through a medium such as air or water. Transmission of Sound: The process by which sound moves from one point to another. Reflection and Absorption of Sound: Reflection is when sound bounces off of a surface, and absorption is when sound is absorbed by a surface.
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Do sound waves travel faster in air, water or steel?
  • Air
  • Water
  • Steel
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Sound waves can travel through solids, liquids, and gases. They travel fastest and with the least resistance through solids. Reflection of sound waves can be used to measure the distance between two objects. This method is called echolocation. Sound waves can be absorbed by materials such as cloth, foam, and fiberglass to reduce noise pollution.
Did you know?
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How are sound waves transmitted? What are the different mediums that sound can travel through?
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In the first video, it talked about a Ruben's Tube. Now you will watch a video showing this in action! ENJOY!
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What is the difference between reflection and absorption of sound? Give examples of each.
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How does the reflection and absorption of sound impact the quality of music in a concert hall?
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How does the frequency of sound waves affect the way we hear them?
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What are some applications of using sound waves to transfer energy?

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