Strategy Development - Part 2: Where are we going?


This is part 2 in a workshop series designed for cross-functional discussions of company strategy. T

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1. Title & media
60 seconds
Last time, we discussed current challenges and opportunities
2. Title & media
60 seconds
Today we'll discuss where we want to go
3. Open question
360 seconds
Q: What are different paths we could take? We won't vote at this time, just surface the options.
4. Header
60 seconds
Discussion: Which suggested paths overlap? Which alternatives are truly different from each other? Can we formulate a few different archetype paths?
(10-15 minute discussion)
5. Title & media
60 seconds
We want to compare our different alternatives across a set of criteria
6. Bullets
60 seconds
Here are some examples of criteria to use
  • Feasibility
  • Level of risk / uncertainty
  • Net present value (revenue minus cost over a reasonable time horizon)
  • Competitive differentiation
  • ...Make your own...
7. Open question
360 seconds
Q: Which criteria should we use to compare our alternative paths?
8. Title & media
60 seconds
Now let's try to apply our own criteria to our identified strategic alternatives
9. Open question
360 seconds
Q: Which path best suits our top 3 criteria? Why?
10. Header
60 seconds
That's it for our discussion items today
Great discussion, team :)
11. Bullets
60 seconds
These were the action points we agreed to follow up on
  • I will share a summary of our discussion from today
  • (And does someone need to gather additional information on a point before we can proceed? e.g., competitor research?)
12. Title & media
60 seconds
In a future session, we'll discuss how we each our destination

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