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TFIOS Chapters 23-25

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1. Open question
660 seconds
Chapter 24 has several moments that serve as resolution to many of the fears Hazel has expressed throughout the book. As you read, submit two different quotes that demonstrate this.
2. Open question
210 seconds
Chapter 25 - How do we see Gus's influence in Hazel's actions at Holliday park?
3. Open question
210 seconds
What lines of the eulogy that Gus wrote for Hazel speak directly to her fears?
4. Open question
210 seconds
Gus was fixated on making a heroic contribution or meaningful impact in is his lifetime. Do you feel like he was able to do that? Why or why not?
5. Open question
270 seconds
What is the signficance of the verb tense shift in the last few lines of the novel?
6. Open question
210 seconds
What happens next? How do we know?

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