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How do sloths move?

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Preview: pages 42-42 and Reading pages 48 - 51
Time Zones 3 Unit 4
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How do sloths move? In a few words, describe their movement.
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Sloths are arboreal animals that live in trees. They have long claws and strong arms that help them hang from branches. The muscles in their legs are weak, so they move slowly.
How Do Sloths Move?
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Arboreal: Relating to or living in trees. Claw: A curved, pointed nail on the foot of an animal, especially a bird or other predatory animal. Muscles: A tissue of the body which has the power to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the position of parts of the body.
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1. Where do sloths live? 2. Why do people rank the animal first in the top ten laziest animals in the world?
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Do you think sloths move too slowly or too quickly?
  • too slowly
  • just the right speed
  • too quickly
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Sloths can stay underwater for up to 40 minutes! Sloths can turn their head almost 270 degrees. A sloth's stomach takes 30 days to digest food.
Fun facts:
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pages 48 - 51
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Work in pairs and share your ideas: Imagine a conversation between the dog and the kangaroo.
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“What happened?” (effect) and “What made that happen?” (cause, why something happened)
Cause and effect
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Talk with a partner: Which animal from the article do you think was the nicest? Why?
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