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Tall Tales: stories that are exaggerated beyond belief and often include larger-than-life characters and events. Hyperbole: the use of exaggeration or overstatement in literature and speech. Folklore: traditional stories, music, or art of a particular culture passed down orally through generations.
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What is the best way to tell a tall tale?
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Tall Tales are stories that are exaggerated and often not true, but fun to tell. Many tall tales include humorous characters like Paul Bunyan or Johnny Appleseed. Tall Tales often have a lesson or moral at the end of the story.
Tall Tales - Bigger Than Life Stories
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What do you think makes a great tall tale?
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In the tall tale 'Big John the Fearless', the protagonist was said to have a belt that was so wide that it took 4 men to carry it. The tall tale 'Paul Bunyan' was first published in 1914, however, the story itself is believed to have originated in the 1800s. Most tall tales involve giants, heroes, or other mythical creatures, however, the tall tale 'John Henry' is based off of a real person.
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What elements of tall tales make them unique from other types of stories?
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How do tall tales help to explain real-life events or situations?
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What makes a tall tale different from other types of stories?
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What characteristics of tall tales do you find the most interesting?
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How can tall tales be used to show different points of view?

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