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TechBytes 3-10-23


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120 seconds
ChatGPT How can AI make Teaching Easier SafeShare
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60 seconds
An artificial intelligence (AI) tool that uses natural language processing techniques to respond to user-generated prompts
Chat GPT - What is it?
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60 seconds Answers Questions about Itself
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Each group will be given a prompt or question to ask in Please enter that prompt and then be ready to respond in the next slide.
You try:
5. Word cloud
60 seconds
What was your first thought when you saw the ChatGPT response to your prompt? (1 word)
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60 seconds
Grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure suggestions Create essay for class as an example Brainstorm ideas for a topic or project Create outlines for differentiation needs Write IEP Goals Update your syllabus Generate writing prompts Generate discussion/debate questions Create quizzes
Why do we love Chat GPT?
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60 seconds
Create instructions Generate emails to parents Wording to motivate students Accommodations for specific activities Create lesson plans Translate text Summarize long articles or texts Generate vocabulary lists Generate questions and answers about text to practice comprehension
Why do we love Chat GPT? (continued)
8. Open question
300 seconds
In what ways can you imagine ChatGPT being beneficial?
9. Open question
300 seconds
The dangers of ChatGPT are apparent. What ideas do you have to combat the dangers?
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120 seconds - free - free with premium option - free trial - free - free
How can Virtual Reality be used to provide a safe learning environment?
11. Open question
300 seconds
SchoolTube and SafeShare

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