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Text Connections: Compare and Contrast


CT Observation Creek and Cherokee integration

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1. Header
60 seconds
Text Connections
Learning Target: I can use a Venn-Diagram to compare and contrast
2. Poll
10 seconds
Q: What do you know about comparing and contrasting?
  • I know a lot!
  • I know a little bit
  • I don't know much, but I'm read to learn
3. Title & media
60 seconds
Let's watch a video about comparing and contrasting
4. Title & media
60 seconds
Let's practice: sports
5. Bullets
60 seconds
Think about the lives of the native Americans that lived here...
  • Where did they eat?
  • What did they wear?
  • How is there life similar or different from our lives now?
6. Title & media
60 seconds
Pay close attention to the lives of the Creek and Cherokee
7. Word cloud
120 seconds
Q: Name some aspects of the lives of the Creek and Cherokee
8. Title & media
60 seconds
Independent task

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