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The Kush civilizations history, accomplishments, and culture


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The Kush civilization was an African civilization located in what is now Sudan and Ethiopia. Built extensive trade routes that provided ivory and other luxury goods. The Kush civilization was known for their iron working and religious beliefs. The Kush civilization developed a system of writing, known as Meroitic.
The Kush Civilization: History, Accomplishments & Culture
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Name one accomplishment of the Kush civilizations?
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1070 BCE: The Kingdom of Kush emerged as an independent state, following the collapse of the New Kingdom of Egypt. 750 BCE: The Kingdom of Kush began to expand and conquer neighboring territories, including parts of Egypt.
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When did the Kushites gain their independence?
  • 1500 BCE
  • 1070 BCE
  • 750 BCE
  • 350 CE
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300 BCE-270 BCE: The Kingdom of Kush reached the height of its power, becoming a major center of trade and commerce. It defeated the invading army of Ptolemy III, the peak of its military might. 350 CE: The Kingdom of Kush was conquered by the Kingdom of Axum, which marked the end of its existence as an independent state.
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Who did the Kush defeat, marking the height of their military power?
  • Alexander the Great
  • Ptolemy
  • Antiochus
  • Ptolemy III
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Religious Beliefs: A set of beliefs about the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. Meroitic Writing: A language and writing system used in the Kush civilization. Polytheistic: Relating to or characterized by belief in or worship of more than one god.
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The Kush civilization was conquered by the Ancient Egyptians around 727 BC. The Kush civilization was known to have traded with many other civilizations. The Kush civilization is thought to be the source of many African languages today.
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What is the most significant accomplishment of the Kush civilizations?
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Brain break: Create a self-portrait out of everyday objects such as paper clips, rubber bands, coins, buttons, and other small objects. Use your imagination and be creative!
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Which of the following is an accomplishment of the Kush civilization?
  • Built massive temples
  • Developed written language
  • Invented the wheel
  • Developed a complex legal system
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What is the Kush civilization known for?
  • Developing a complex legal system
  • Building large monuments
  • Developing a new form of mathematics
  • Inventing the wheel
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Where did the Kush civilization originate?
  • Nubia
  • Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
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What is the culture of the Kush civilization?

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