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The non-governmental organisation War CHild


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War Child has helped over 1 million children in Iraq and Afghanistan since it was founded in 1993. War Child has helped fund over 600 school projects in over 20 countries. War Child also helps support children in conflict-affected areas through education, psychosocial support, and protection services.
Did you know?
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Rehabilitation is a crucial part of War Child's work. They understand that war can have a profound impact on a child's well-being, both physically and emotionally. They provide safe spaces and programs where children can express themselves, play, and learn. They offer counseling and therapy to help children heal from their experiences and overcome the trauma they have endured.
What does War Child do?
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What do you think are the key words from that last slide?
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Could children of war ever be able to forgive the leaders that caused them to suffer?
  • Yes
  • No
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War Child also focuses on education. They believe that every child deserves the opportunity to learn and grow, even in the midst of conflict. They set up temporary schools and learning centers in war-torn areas, giving children a chance to continue their education. These schools not only provide academic knowledge but also offer a sense of normalcy and stability in the midst of chaos.
What does War Child do?
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What do you think are the key words from that last slide?
8. Open question
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Can the experiences of a war child shape their outlook on life and society as they grow older?
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What are the main goals of War Child and why is it important for people to support its work?
10. Open question
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What kind of help does War Child provide to children who have been forced to be child soldiers?

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