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1. Word cloud
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Name as many different Travel and Tourism organisations that are involved in providing goods and services to tourists as you can
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Travel and tourism organisations help plan, coordinate and provide services for trips and holidays Be it a tour guide, transportation or accommodation, they make travel easier and more enjoyable Knowing about different travel and tourism organisations might help you plan your next big adventure!
Travel and Tourism Organisations: Exploring the World
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Travel Agent: Travel Agents - sell products and services that other travel and tourism organisations provide Tour Operator: Tour Operators - organise travel and tourism packages Package - when a number of different tourism components are 'packaged' together and sold for one price - for example: flight/hotel and car hire
4. Poll
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Which travel and tourism organisation generates the most revenue worldwide right now?*
  • Expedia
  • AirBnB
  • Despegar
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The first ever tourist was King Gilgamesh from Mesopotamia around 2500 BC The most visited city in the world is Bangkok with 22.78 million international visitors in 2018 The world’s oldest travel agency is Thomas Cook which was founded in 1841!
Fun facts:
6. Open question
180 seconds
Write: One sentence describing how the internet changes the way travel and tourism organisations can do business.
7. Drawings
270 seconds
Brain Break: Draw a picture of an alien taking a dog for a walk
8. Open question
180 seconds
Write: What challenges do travel and tourism organisations face in the 21st century?
9. Open question
150 seconds
If you were the head of a large travel agent or tour operator, what things might you do to become a more successful business?
10. Open question
330 seconds
What are some of the ethical considerations that travel and tourism organisations need to consider?

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