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Water Cycle


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1. Drawings
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What happens when there is no water for humans?
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Never-ending process that provides a continuous supply of water. Continuous movement of water from the Earth to the sky and back to the Earth again.
The Water Cycle
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What is the main source of energy in the water cycle?
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Heat from the sun drives the water cycle
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Water from the ground, rivers, lakes and seas gain heat from the sun and evaporates to form water vapour.
6. Poll
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Which of the following is an important process in the water cycle?
  • Boiling
  • Evaporation
7. Word cloud
90 seconds
Can you think of anything else that produces water vapour?
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Animals and plants also give out water vapour
Sources of water vapour
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Movement Water vapour then rises into the sky where the temperature decreases as it is cooler.
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This water vapour then comes into contact with the cooler surroundings, loses heat and condenses, forming tiny water droplets
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Movement These tiny water droplets gather together to form clouds
12. Poll
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What is the state of matter for clouds?
  • Solid
  • Liquid
  • Gas
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As more water droplets gather to form clouds, they become heavier and fall as rain The rain flows back into rivers, lakes and seas. The water cycle then repeats itself
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Water Cycle

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