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Welcome Back to School

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What's one word to describe how you're feeling today?
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We're so glad you're here! We missed you. Let's have a great year full of learning and fun! We can't wait to see what you accomplish this year!
Welcome Back Teachers!
3. Open question
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Work together in groups: Q: What are three things that you did over the summer? Did you hang out at home, go outside everyday, go somewhere fun, read a good book, or watch an interesting movie?
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What can your colleagues do to help you be successful in school this year?
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Ideas for a school where you can learn, work, and have fun!
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Brain break: Draw a rabbit eating spaghetti with chopsticks
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Wordcloud activity
Shared Vision
What is your vision for education?
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Be intentional and purposeful
Cultivate and nurture an inclusive, caring, and supportive learning environment that promotes the academic success and well-being of each member of the education community.
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School Values - from Elementary Staff August 2020 Character, technology, relationships - community, staff and students Family atmosphere, caring, technology, teamwork, student/teachers relationships Caring, relationships, students best interests, goals, collaboration Building relationships, goal-setting, improving meeting learners where they are (differentiated instruction) Community/culture, growth/achievement Personal relationships with students Personal relationships, taking care of each other We take pride in our academics and activities, successes Excellence in academics and activities Knowing each other/close community I think we value kids, families, community by connecting frequently and developing relationships with them. Reading is a priority, leadership, potential, community Safe, responsible, respectful Parent support, positive staff members, supportive administration Love of learning/curiosity, use technology to engage students with curriculum, citizenship/community, giving back and helpful Make learning fun, safe environment Educating kids to highest ability, work ethic, at all costs, peer relationships/student relationships High expectations, great teamwork/collaboration, building relationships first High accountability and expectations High expectations for all hard working staff Excellence/high expectations, achievement in all areas, academis/sports/extracurricular/etc… Build relationships Teachers are very dedicated which is reflected by good scores Extra curriculars (FBLA), student achievement Community, what’s best for kids, dedication
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Instruction Curriculum Environment
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Strengthen culture of positive growth for students and staff.
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When you hear "instruction" what words do you think of?
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Marzano - Elements - learning goals, student engagement both cognitive and emotional, assessment for learning, re-teach and re-assess, clear routines and procedures, students feel loved and safe to learn NEE - goals, engagement, assessment, re-teach TEACH - I do, we do, you do Assess for learning - work smarter not harder - what's your purpose NDE Rule 10 -
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Rule 10 Instructional Planning Guide
Effective Tier One, Core Instruction Inclusion models that support students with disabilities and ELL Targeted daily intervention and enrichment opportunities Time for teacher collaboration
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Effective Tier One
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Inclusion Models & Targeted Daily Intervention and Enrichment
Scheduling challenge - Accommodations - what is needed so ALL can be successful?
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High-quality instructional materials State standards Must be used with FIDELTIY Differentiation - accommodations/modifications
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Safe - locked doors, SRP, emergency procedures, Red crisis folders Positive - Growth mindset - Keep my dear teachers and staff happy Keep my dear parents and students happy PBIS - Routines, procedures, clear expectations Expectations - Every child, every chance, be the one!
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Fresh Start!
Open House is a great opportunity to get parents on your team! Teach & emphasize routines both at school and at home. How can get more families engaged with their children - especially the ones who are not normally engaged? Clean slate - small town - not all siblings are the same!
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A curipod slide
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Every Child
Every Chance BE THE ONE
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Important Documents
Use positive reinforcement and recognize students for their efforts and successes.
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Dates to Note
PBIS Assemblies - First Friday every other month beginning Sept Knight Families - First Friday every other month beginning October Staff Meetings - First Wednesday of the month beginning September Calendar - shared in folder August25th -
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Exit Ticket
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How can AI help your students learn more?

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