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What are grades good for?


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In one word, how would you describe the value of grades?
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"To write and argument "
Learning objective:
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Grades are a measure of how well you are doing in your classes. High grades can help you get into college and get scholarships. Grades are an indicator of how hard you are working and how successful you can be!
Grades: A Measure of Your Achievement
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Grades are indicators of academic performance and can be used to measure progress and identify areas of improvement. Grades also serve as a motivation for students to work harder and be successful. Grades can be used to compare students against each other, and to determine how a student stacks up against their peers. Grades serve as a benchmark for college and job applications, and can be used to determine a student's eligibility for certain programs and scholarships.
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In the United States, grades A through F were originally based on the top letter grades at Oxford and Cambridge universities in England. The GPA system of grading wasn't adopted by US schools until the 1920s. The first school in the US to assign numerical grades was Yale in 1813.
Did you know?
6. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What claim can you make about the value of grades in a persuasive essay? Explain your argument using evidence and examples.
7. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What have you learned about the role of grades in your academic and professional future?
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a monster under the bed with three heads and big, purple feet.
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What are grades good for?
  • To measure academic performance
  • To learn new subjects
  • To win awards
  • To get into college
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How do grades help students?
  • They provide a way to assess performance in a class
  • They can help students set goals for themselves
  • They can help students get better jobs
  • They can help students stand out from the crowd
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What is the importance of grades?
  • Grades are an important indicator of academic performance
  • Grades can be used to assess student progress
  • Grades can help students get into college
  • Grades can be used to compare one student to another
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What are some disadvantages of grades?
  • Grades can be used to judge students unfairly
  • Grades can create an unhealthy competitive environment
  • Grades can be used to reward students for unrelated behaviors
  • Grades can cause students to focus on the wrong things
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How can students make the most of their grades?
  • Set realistic goals for themselves
  • Focus on learning rather than getting good grades
  • Be honest and ethical with their work
  • Talk to their teachers about their grades

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