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What are participle clauses used for?

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What are participle clauses used for?
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Participle clauses join two clauses together, often to add information to the subject or the object of a sentence. It is formed by using the present participle (the -ing form of the verb), the past participle (the third form or -ed form of the verb) and the perfect participle (having + past participle)
Review of Participle Clauses
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Do you find participle clauses easy to understand?
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Participle clauses enable us to say information in a more economical way. We can use participle clauses when the participle and the verb in the main clause have the same subject. Participle clauses do not have a specific tense. The tense is indicated by the verb in the main clause. Participle clauses are mainly used in written texts
Did you know?
5. Open question
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What type of participle clause can you see in each sentence? 1. Looked after carefully, these boots will last for many years. 2. Not wanting to hurt his feelings, I avoided the question. 3. Having lived through difficult times together, they were very close friends.
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What are some common mistakes that you have noticed when using participle clauses?
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Can you provide an example of a participle clause in a sentence?
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How can participle clauses help you to make your writing more efficient?
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Do the matching
10. Drawings
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Draw: The driver annoyed by the traffic looks quite angry.
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Rewrite this pair of sentences as one sentence with a participle clause. The passenger is at the check-in desk. He is wearing a grey coat
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Is this sentence correct? The International Space Station is huge launched in 1998.
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If you were a reporter, what would you say about it using participle clauses? Be ready to add your answer to the next slide.
look at the image.
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Write your sentence here.
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Rewrite these 2 sentences in one, using a participle clause. He bought a new car. The car was made in Japan
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Correct the mistake. The astronauts having repaired the satellite have trained for a long time.
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Draw this situation. Passengers carrying more than one bag will not be allowed to board the plane.
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Write three true and one false sentence to describe the photo. Use participle clauses in each sentence. Be ready to add your sentences in the next slide.
Look at the image.
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Write your sentences here.
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Which sentence contains a participle clause? 1. She likes working on Saturdays. 2. I have been working on Saturdays for a couple of months. 3. She is working on Saturdays having accepted a change in her working hours.
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