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What are the two main types of DNA mutations?


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What are the two main types of DNA mutations?
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Mutations are changes to a DNA sequence. 5 types of mutations are insertion, deletion, substitution, frameshift, and point mutation. These mutations can cause a variety of effects on the organism.
DNA Mutations: Explained!
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Insertion: When one or more nucleotides are added to a DNA sequence. Deletion: When one or more nucleotides are removed from a DNA sequence. Substitution: When one nucleotide is replaced by another in a DNA sequence.
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What type of mutation do you think has the most significant effect on DNA?
  • insertion
  • deletion
  • substitution
  • frameshift
  • point mutation
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DNA mutations can happen naturally or be caused by outside forces like radiation and chemicals. Mutations can be beneficial, neutral, or harmful in their effects on organisms. Most organisms develop some kind of mutation in their lifetime - it's just a part of life!
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Draw / write: What are the potential effects of a mutation on the function of a gene?
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Draw / write: How can mutations be beneficial to a species?
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What is the role of DNA in living organisms?
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How can mutations be used to understand the evolutionary process of species?

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