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What comes to mind when you think about tutoring?

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What comes to mind when you think about tutoring?
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Peer tutoring refers to a learning method where students assist and support each other in their academic progress. It involves one student acting as a tutor, providing guidance and assistance to another student in need of help.
Peer Tutoring Basics
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Tutoring can help students build confidence in themselves, as well as their academic skills. Tutoring can help students understand the material more quickly and deeply than they would in a traditional classroom setting. Tutoring can even help improve grades in other classes unrelated to the subject being tutored in.
WHY Peer Tutoring?
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How to Tutor? Essential Tutoring Skills
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Poll activity: Which of the following skills are you least experienced in?
  • Academic Skills
  • Teaching Skills
  • People Skills
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Think of your teachers who explain concepts well. What techniques do they use?
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WHAT: Helping Students Get MOTIVATED
Give specific, positive feedback Break down big tasks & establish realistic goals Have students do the work
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WHAT: Helping Students Get FOCUSED
Identify and remove physical and mental distractors Be physically present, sitting beside the student, say their name, use eye contact Keep the student working and provide encouragement
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Wordcloud activity
What are the benefits of being a peer tutor?
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Benefits of Being a Peer Tutor
CSF Hours for Community Service Looks good on college applications Prepares you with social skills for the workforce Ability to earn FLC college credit Helping others can improve your mood/happiness
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Mark the Text - Focused Reading
Underline key words and phrases. Write questions in the margin.
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WHAT: Logistics
Sign up for "Tutors" flex on the days you choose. Report to G5. You will be matched with a student who needs help OR sent to another classroom to assist students.
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Flextime Tutor Application Complete this application to sign up to tutor. We will verify your information and add you to the tutoring group before Friday.

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