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What do you think about extreme sports?


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1. Poll
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What do you think about extreme sports?
  • They're dangerous and should be avoided
  • They're a great way to have fun with friends
  • They're exciting but too risky for most people
  • They're a great way to challenge yourself
2. Open question
150 seconds
How do you think thrill-seeking behavior affects decision-making? Do you think people who seek thrills are more successful in life?
3. Slide
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What do you think this is delicious?
4. Slide
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Base Jumping: A type of extreme sport in which a person jumps from a fixed structure using a parachute or wingsuit. Parkour: A physical discipline that involves navigating environments using running, jumping, climbing and other movements. Wingsuit Flying: An extreme sport where a person wears a special suit that increases the surface area of their body, allowing them to glide through the air like a bird.
5. Drawings
360 seconds
Draw / write: What risks are associated with extreme sports?
6. Open question
330 seconds
What are the benefits of pursuing extreme sports?

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