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What is a skill you need to do your work well?


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What is a skill you need to do your work well?
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Work skills help you become successful in the future. It’s important to learn how to work with others. Developing work skills can help you find a good job.
Learning Work Skills
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Adaptability: The ability to adjust to changing conditions or situations. Teamwork: The ability to work together with a group of people to achieve a common goal. Organizational Skills: The ability to plan, organize, and prioritize tasks.
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What do you think are important work skills for high school students?
  • Focus and attention to detail
  • Organizational skills
  • Persistence and determination
  • Ability to work with others
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Developing work skills can also help you in school. Everyone has different work skills, so it’s important to identify your own unique strengths. You can start developing your work skills at an early age!
Fun facts:
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Draw / write: What are some important work skills that you think are important for a successful career?
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Draw / write: How can you develop and improve your work skills?
8. Open question
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What work skills have you demonstrated today?
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How have your work skills helped you this week?

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