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What is an inference?

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What is an inference?
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"Make inferences and draw logical conclusions using explicit and implied textual evidence. "
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An inference is an idea or conclusion that is formed based on evidence or observations. It is important to look for clues and think critically to draw accurate conclusions. Making inferences can help us better understand a text or situation.
Understanding Inferences
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Inference: A conclusion or opinion that is formed based on evidence or reasoning. Inductive Reasoning: A type of reasoning in which one makes a generalization based on individual observations. Deductive Reasoning: A type of reasoning in which one draws a conclusion from a set of premises or evidence.
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The ability to make inferences is a cognitive process related to problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking. Inferences can be used to interpret non-verbal communication, such as facial expressions and gestures. Some studies suggest that people who are good at making inferences may have better overall cognitive functioning.
Did you know?
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What is an example of making an inference you made in something you read recently?
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What is the difference between making an inference and drawing a conclusion?
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Brain break: Draw a happy sun wearing a crown and a pair of flip flops stretched out on the beach, with a cold refreshing drink
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What is an inference?
  • A conclusion made based on evidence and reasoning
  • A statement of fact
  • An opinion without justification
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What is an example of an inference?
  • It’s raining outside, so the ground is wet.
  • The sky is blue on a sunny day.
  • The sun rises in the east.
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What type of information do you need to make an inference?
  • Observations
  • Opinions
  • Facts
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When making inferences, what should you base your conclusions on?
  • Evidence and reasoning
  • Intuition and guesswork
  • Personal biases
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Why are inferences important?
  • They help us draw conclusions when evidence isn't explicit
  • They allow us to rely solely on facts and not opinions
  • They help us avoid forming opinions

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