What is bullying?


What is bullying? In this activity, students work on what bullying is and what to do if you see or e

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1. Header
60 seconds
What is bullying?
Goal: Understand what bullying is, and reflect on how to act if you experience bullying situations.
2. Open question
240 seconds
Q: Try to describe what bullying is
3. Bullets
60 seconds
Three characteristics of bullying
  • Bullying is a harmful act against a victim, which is carried out by one or more people together.
  • Bullying is repeated and takes place over time.
  • Uneven balance of power between the person or persons who bully and the person who is bullied.
  • Bullying can happen in many ways. Examples include violence or exclusion.
4. Poll
20 seconds
Q: Have you ever experienced or seen others being bullied? (this is anonymous)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don't know
5. Open question
240 seconds
Q: What do you think you can do if you see or experience bullying?
6. Bullets
60 seconds
What you can do if you see or experience bullying
  • Help the student who is being bullied by telling me or another adult.
  • Take care of messages, photos or anything else that could be evidence (if, for example, cyberbullying occurs)
  • Do not respond to bullying messages - in the worst case, it can lead to more bullying.
7. Open question
240 seconds
Q: Do you have any other questions about bullying?

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