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What is cause and effect?

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What is cause and effect?
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Cause and effect is a type of relationship between events, where one event is the result of another. It helps us understand and predict how things work in the world around us. It also helps us understand why events happen and what effect they may have.
Cause and Effect
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Cause: an event or action that produces a result; the thing that makes something happen Effect: the result of a cause; the outcome of something happening Causality: the connection between cause and effect; the relationship between two events in which one event causes the other
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What is the most significant cause of climate change?
  • Deforestation
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Solar activity
  • Other
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The term ‘cause and effect’ was first coined by Aristotle in his book ‘The Nicomachean Ethics’ in the 4th century BC. The cause and effect relationship between two events can be expressed mathematically using Bayes' theorem. Cause and effect can also be expressed in a narrative form, such as a story or poem, where each event is expressed as a description of a character's experience.
Did you know?
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Describe a real world example of cause and effect?
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What have you learned about cause and effect relationships and how can you apply this knowledge to your own writing?
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What are the consequences of characters making certain decisions in a story?
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What is an example of a cause and effect relationship that you have noticed in a story you have read?
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How has understanding cause and effect relationships helped you to understand the plot of a story?

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