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What is digital citizenship? (Y2)

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Digital playground
数字游乐场 (shùzì yóulè chǎng)
4. Word cloud
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In pairs, name 3 playground rules
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Respect 尊重 (Zūnzhòng) Treating others with kindness and politeness. Friendship 友谊 (Yǒuyì) Everyone has a right to join in and be included. Working together 共同合作 (Gòngtóng hézuò) Working together to achieve a common goal.
6. Drawings
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Can you think of a good rule for our digital playground?
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Always be kind and respectful to others online 在网上始终友善和尊重他人 Take care of your device and personal information 请照顾好您的设备和个人信息 Stay safe and make good choices online in a good and fair way 在网上保持安全,并以善良和公正的方式做出明智的选择
What are some Digital Playground rules?
8. Drawings
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Draw a picture of you being a good friend online
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Taking care of your device and personal information
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How to handle iPad safely video
12. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a pineapple with arms, legs, and a hat floating in outer space.

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