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What is the meaning of the word Anschluss ?
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Anschluss = German for ‘connection’, specifically refers to the annexation of Austria, 1938. Annexation = means to add as an extra/ add to ones own territory
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The Anschluss was the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938. It was a significant event in the history of World War II. This event not only changed Austria's political landscape, but also its culture and identity. This was again against the terms of the T.O.V, but neither France nor Britain did anything to stop it.
The Anschluss with Austria 1938
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Hitler wanted Germany and Austria to unite as one country, and many Austrians supported this​. Hitler had tried to take over Austria in 1934 but had been stopped by Mussolini. This time they were allies.​ Hitler rarked up the Austrian branch of the Nazi Party, getting them to stir up trouble for their government and hold demonstrations etc. demanding union with Germany. He then told the Austrian chancellor Schuschnigg that Anschluss was the answer​.
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Schuschnigg went to the League for help. Nothing happened​ Schuschnigg decided to call a referendum to decide​. Hitler didn’t want to risk this, so sent his troops into Austria in March 1938​ The referendum ended up with a 99.75% vote pro-Anschluss.​
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This gained Hitler Austria’s soldiers, weapons, and access to their gold and iron ore mines​. Breaking the treaty AGAIN but Hitler was pretty confident that no one was going to do anything about it.​ The only response – Neville Chamberlain, British PM, increased rearmament, looked into conscription, and prepared air-raid defenses.
Hitler's risk paid off!
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The Anschluss was the only time in history when a smaller independent nation has been annexed by a larger nation without a war. Hitler's idea of the Anschluss was actually based on an idea first proposed by the Austrian Prime Minister in a speech in 1930. The Anschluss was actually illegal according to the Treaty of Versailles, which was signed after the First World War.
Did you know?
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What were the political and economic ramifications of the Anschluss for both Austria and Germany?
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What were the motivations behind Hitler's decision to annex Austria?
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Brain break: Draw a giraffe wearing a bow tie standing in a roller skating rink
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Why did Britain and France not stop Hitler breaking the Treaty?
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When did the Anschluss with Austria occur?
  • 1945
  • 1938
  • 1920
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Which country annexed Austria during the Anschluss?
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Soviet Union
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'Anschluss' is a German word that means what in English?
  • Invasion
  • Union
  • Annexation
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What was the name of the Austrian Chancellor who had to give up Austria?
  • Kurt Schuschnigg
  • Franz von Papen
  • Adolf Hitler

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