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What is the opposite of addition?


Curipod lesson about topic "addition and subtraction"

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What is the opposite of addition?
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Adding and Subtracting
Addition is combining two or more numbers together. Subtraction is taking away one number from another. You can use addition and subtraction to solve many problems.
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Addition: Adding two or more numbers together. Subtraction: Taking away one number from another. Problem Solving: Using addition and subtraction to find the answer to questions.
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What is your favorite type of math problem to solve? Addition, subtraction, or something else?
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Something Else
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Fun facts:
The first recorded use of addition and subtraction was in Babylonian tablets from over 4000 years ago. The mathematical symbol for addition is “+” and for subtraction it is “-”. The symbol for addition was invented in 1557 by Robert Recorde, a Welsh mathematician.
6. Drawings
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Draw / write: What are the key differences between addition and subtraction?
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Draw / write: How can addition and subtraction be used to solve real-life problems?
8. Open question
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What strategies can you use to remember the difference between addition and subtraction?
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What are the similarities between addition and subtraction?

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