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What is the setting of your story?

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What is the setting of your story?
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Characterization is the way authors present characters and their traits. Setting describes the time and place of a story and can influence characters. These two elements help to create an interesting and believable story.
Characterization and Setting
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Characterization: The act of describing the personality of a character in a story or novel, often by showing how they think, feel, and interact with other characters. Setting: The time, place and environment in which a story or novel takes place. Conflict: A struggle between two opposing forces that creates the tension necessary for a story or novel to develop.
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Protagonist: The main character, driving the story and trying to reach a goal. Antagonist: An opposing force, making the protagonist's journey more difficult. Foil: A character that contrasts with the protagonist, emphasizing their traits.
Types of Characters in Literature
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Which element of characterization and setting is the most important for creating a successful story?
  • Character Development
  • Plot Structure
  • Conflict
  • Setting Description
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Characterization and setting are both important elements of fiction because they create a vivid picture of a story in the reader’s mind. The setting of a story can often be used to symbolize different elements of the plot. An author can use characterization to create a more believable and relatable story by adding human traits to their characters.
Did you know?
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What are some examples of character traits?
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Draw a picture of your main character & list their traits.
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What is the purpose of setting in a story?
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How do character traits affect the story?
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Why do you think character traits are important in a story?

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