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What one word describes your favorite DJ?

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What one word describes your favorite DJ?
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Learn the fundamentals of DJ-ing: beat matching, blending, transitions, and scratching. Understand and use different types of DJ equipment, such as turntables, CDJs, and controllers. Practice and experiment with different music genres to become a more versatile and creative DJ.
Developing DJ Skills in 10th Grade
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Scratching: the process of moving a record back and forth with a hand on a turntable to create musical sounds. Looping: the process of playing a sound repeatedly to create a musical phrase. EQing: the process of adjusting the frequency response of a sound to make it sound more balanced and clear.
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DJs can create custom songs using vocal recordings from other songs. This is known as mashup. Many DJs are multi-instrumentalists, meaning they can play different instruments in order to create their own sound. DJs can use a variety of software to create their own music, from Ableton Live to FL Studio.
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What skills do you think make a successful DJ?
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What are the most important elements to consider when mixing music?
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What are some key techniques and skills that DJs use to create seamless transitions and maintain a consistent flow during their sets?
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How do you think the skills of a DJ can be applied to other areas of your life?
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How have you seen technology change the way DJs create music?

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