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What should authors focus on when writing?

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What should authors focus on when writing?
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Persuade: Writers try to convince readers of something. Inform: Writers aim to teach readers about something. Entertain: Writers try to create interesting stories for readers to enjoy.
Persuade, Inform, Entertain: The PIE of Writing
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Persuade: To try to influence someone by presenting arguments or reasons. Inform: To give someone knowledge or information about something. Entertain: To amuse someone by providing enjoyment, pleasure, or fun.
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Do you think the acronym PIE (Persuade, Inform, Entertain) is a useful way to help 4th graders remember why authors write?
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The acronym PIE stands for 'Persuade, Inform, Entertain', which are the three main reasons authors write. In the 18th Century, authors were paid by the letter for each work they published. The most widely read book in history is the Bible, followed by 'The Dream of the Red Chamber', a Chinese novel from the 18th Century.
Did you know?
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Why do authors write? What are the primary reasons authors write?
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What is the PIE acronym? How can it help us remember why authors write?
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dentify, and to entertain. Can you think of a book that you've read recently and explain why you think the author wrote it?
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Think of a book you have read. How did the author use writing to persuade the reader?
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What are some other techniques authors use to persuade readers to think in a certain way?

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