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i Ready Testing 19th - Reading, 20th - Math, 3-hour delay schedule Book Fair April 24-28, preview Monday, closed during WIN Club Showcase April 26 (4-6), LIST YOUR NEEDS REQUESTS (table, TV, etc.) Be sure you confirm your students participating THIS WEEK 8th Grade Social April 28 (6-8), Did you sign up?
2. Drawings
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Eduprotocol: Thin Slides Temperature Check: How are you doing?
3. Word cloud
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Eduprotocol: Thin Slides Q: How can you use this with your students?
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Fast and Curious Gamified review of vocab, terms, basic facts (DOK1) using computer-based games and multiple, rapid reps. Repeated exposure is key & formative data informs instruction & establishes growth mindset. Iron Chef Using a shared template/slide deck in a gamified jigsaw format, students learn content & collaborate to practice presenting learning. Sketch and Tell Students read a passage or watch a video then sketch the main idea. No clip art or digital images. Students then share aloud. Finally, they write their main idea.
Consider: Other EduProtocols
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What do you know about Curipod?
  • Never heard of it
  • Heard of it, haven't used it
  • I've tried it
  • Love it! I could teach this!
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Curipod is an online platform that uses AI to generate EDITABLE, interactive lessons.
What is Curipod?
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Why Curipod?
8. Open question
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Work together in pairs: Q: What are the key features of Curipod?
9. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a monster made out of ice cream cones with sprinkles on top.
10. Open question
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Still in pairs... Q: How can Curipod help with learning?
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What's your Curipod interest?
  • I'm not interested right now.
  • I'm intrigued but would prefer to play with over the summer.
  • I'd love the PREMIUM promo code to learn more about this in these last weeks!
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Promo Code: CGMS for PREMIUM access

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