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World War I


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1. Word cloud
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In what year did World War I begin?
2. Slide
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World War I was a global war that lasted from 1914-1918 It involved the majority of the world's great powers at the time and over 70 million military personnel It led to the fall of four empires and the creation of new countries
World War I
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Allied Powers: the coalition of countries that fought against the Central Powers during World War I Central Powers: the alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria during World War I Trench Warfare: a type of combat where troops on opposing sides fight from trenches dug into the ground
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The first tanks were used during World War I The first aerial bombing of a civilian target happened with Zeppelin airships during WWI More than 65 million troops were mobilized during WWI, making it one of the largest wars in history
Fun facts:
5. Open question
660 seconds
Work together in pairs: What did you learn about World War I that you didn't know before?
6. Open question
660 seconds
Work together in pairs: What effect did the conclusion of World War I have on the world?
7. Drawings
450 seconds
Brain break: Draw a picture of a giraffe eating a cupcake while riding a skateboard
8. Poll
300 seconds
Where did World War I take place?
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South America
9. Poll
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What was the name of the treaty that ended World War I?
  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Treaty of Trianon
  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
  • Treaty of St. Germain
10. Poll
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What was the approximate number of military and civilian casualties during World War I?
  • 20 million
  • 50 million
  • 10 million
  • 5 million
11. Poll
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Who were the main leaders during World War I?
  • Woodrow Wilson
  • Winston Churchill
  • Kaiser Wilhelm II
  • Joseph Stalin
12. Poll
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What was the main cause of World War I?
  • The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
  • Industrialization
  • Conflicting ideologies
  • Mutual defense treaties

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