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Writing headlines for a yearbook


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In just a few words, how would you sum up your school year?
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Students will learn about and write the five types of captions: identifications (idents), one-sentence, expanded, quote and group. Students will understand the importance of headlines for our yearbook
Learning objective:
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Headline: A catchy phrase or sentence that captures the main message of a page or article. Voice: The tone of the headline that should be appropriate for the Sioux North High School Student Body
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Headlines in yearbooks often include jokes or puns as a creative way to engage readers. In some cases, yearbook headlines are written in a specific font or style that is unique to the school for which the book was created. Yearbook headlines often include the year and school name in the text, similar to a newspaper headline. Headlines should be related to our theme, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Did you know?
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Compelling copy is crucial for preserving important memories and adding depth to yearbook content. Well-written copy engages readers with an attention-grabbing first sentence and includes viewpoints of those involved in the activity. Including information from interviews of authoritative sources adds validity to the yearbook and helps readers understand the impact of events. A combination of verbal and visual storytelling creates a keepsake that people will treasure.
Why are headlines important?
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Make your headlines catchy and creative! Keep your headlines concise and to the point. Make sure the headline reflects the content of the page.
Writing Headlines for a Yearbook
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Which of these is an example of a good yearbook headline?
  • 'Another Year Over'
  • 'We Did It!'
  • 'The End'
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Write and Design A Headline For This Photo
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What should you consider when choosing a font for your headline?
  • Legibility, readability and appropriateness to theme
  • Popularity among students
  • Availability in designing software
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How can you make sure your headlines are inclusive and represent all members of the school community?
  • Include diverse voices in brainstorming sessions and drafts.
  • Choose only popular trends to appeal to more people.
  • Focus on certain groups like athletes or honor roll students.
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Work together in pairs: What tips do you have for writing headlines that will capture the spirit of the yearbook?
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Write and Design a Headline for This Photo.
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What are some tips for writing a good yearbook headline?
  • Keep it short and snappy, use puns or wordplay, be creative and memorable.
  • Make it long and descriptive, include lots of details, use complex vocabulary.
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What is the main purpose of a yearbook headline?
  • To capture the essence of the school year
  • To list all the students' names
  • To showcase individual achievements
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Brain break: Draw a sea monster with sunglasses sunbathing on the shore
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What is wrong with this caption?
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What is wrong with this caption?
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Write and Design a Caption For This Photo.

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