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Year 9 ELP Friday T3W4


Activities relating to story

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1. Word cloud
60 seconds
What would you never, ever want to eat?
2. Open question
120 seconds
In your own words, explain the word, destination.
3. Open question
120 seconds
What is the difference between the word gate and gait?
4. Drawings
330 seconds
You have 3 minutes to create a drawing to represent the word argument.
5. Drawings
450 seconds
Using your spelling list words and your vocab words for this week, create a graffiti wall of this weeks words. I am looking for accuracy and creativity.
6. Word cloud
120 seconds
What three character traits would you use to describe Gumble?
7. Open question
210 seconds
Describe Gumble in one sentence.
8. Word cloud
60 seconds
What 3 character traits would you use to describe Digit?
9. Open question
270 seconds
Describe Digit in one sentence.
10. Open question
300 seconds
What are three things that happen to Digit in the story?

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