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advantages and limitations of computer


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Name one advantage and one limitation of computers?
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Computers can store a lot of information quickly and accurately. Computers can perform complex calculations quickly and accurately. Computers can automate many processes, saving time and effort.
Advantages & Limitations of Computers
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Advantage: Computers are incredibly fast and can quickly process large amounts of data. This allows them to be used in many industries to increase productivity and efficiency. Limitation: Computers require electricity to function, which can be a challenge in certain environments or locations. Limitation: Computers are vulnerable to viruses and malware, which can cause data to be lost or corrupted unless the proper security measures are in place.
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What do you think are the advantages and limitations of computers?
  • Computers are great for researching information quickly
  • Computers can be used to store a large amount of data
  • Computers can help with collaboration between people
  • Computers can be expensive to maintain
  • Computers can be vulnerable to viruses and malware
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A computer can process millions of calculations in 1/1000th of a second. The first modern computer, the ENIAC, was the size of a large room and weighed 30 tons! The first mass-produced computer, the IBM 360, was capable of creating up to 8 million instructions per second!
Did you know?
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How can computers help us in our lives?
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What are some of the dangers of using computers?
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What are three advantages and three limitations of using a computer in your daily life?
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What are some advantages of using a computer?
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What are some limitations of using a computer?

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