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chemical salts


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Name types of salts.
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Chemical salts are compounds formed when an acid and a base interact. The resulting salt can take many forms, such as a solid, a liquid, or a gas. These chemical salts are found in everyday items like food, medicine, and cleaning products.
Chemical Salts
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When an acid is added to an alkali it forms a salt and water. Acid +alkali ▶️ salt + water Write a word equation for the following reaction To make common salt (sodium chloride) we add hydrochloric acid to sodium hydroxide.
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Salts can also be used to preserve food and to increase the flavor of food. Salt can be used to preserve food because it draws water out of the food and prevents bacteria and other microorganisms from growing. Salt also enhances the flavor of food by stimulating the taste buds on the tongue. Saltwater is denser than freshwater, due to the presence of dissolved salts.
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Draw/write: What was the result of the experiment?
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What are some common uses of chemical salts?
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Plenary: Draw/write 2 things you have learned today.

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