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What is a diversity graphic novel?
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Graphic novels explore different cultures, lifestyles, and perspectives. The stories introduce young readers to characters they can relate to. Graphic novels provide an exciting, visual way to learn about different cultures!
Graphic Novels Celebrate Diversity!
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Graphic Novel: A novel in comic book form featuring sequential art, usually with a plot and characters. Diversity: The inclusion of different types of people, such as people of different races, religions, and cultures. Representation: The way in which someone or something is represented in a particular medium.
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Diversity graphic novels often feature a variety of characters from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The creators of diversity graphic novels often use the stories to explore and challenge stereotypes and prejudices. Diversity graphic novels can help young readers to think critically about social issues and develop empathy for others.
Did you know?
5. Open question
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What are some of the similarities and differences between the characters in the graphic novel we read about diversity?
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What can we learn from the stories in the graphic novel about diversity?
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What are some of the ways that we can promote diversity in our own community?
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How can we use the information we learned from this graphic novel to make our school community more inclusive?
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Brain break: Draw a donut superhero fighting evil broccoli
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Question: How can graphic novels be used to celebrate diversity? Clues: • Graphic novels are a combination of words and visuals. • Diversity can include different cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs. • Graphic novels are a great way to tell stories! In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Choose a diverse topic, such as a family of different cultures, to illustrate in a graphic novel. B. Create a story about a person who celebrates diversity in their community.
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What is the name of the graphic novel that features a young Pakistani girl's struggles with her identity?
  • Ms. Marvel: No Normal
  • Persepolis
  • American Born Chinese
  • Maus
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Which graphic novel tells the story of a young Japanese internment camp survivor?
  • They Called Us Enemy
  • March: Book One
  • The Arrival
  • Nimona
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'The Best We Could Do' is a graphic novel about what group of people?
  • Vietnamese refugees and immigrants
  • 'Other'ed
  • groups in America
  • ,'Muslim Americans ', 'Native Americans'],}, {
  • question
14. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is one way graphic novels can help us learn about diversity?

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