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1. Word cloud
120 seconds
In a few words, describe the relationship between the Earth and the Sun that causes the seasons.
2. Poll
20 seconds
Which line would show Boca Raton's(26') day length through the year?
  • RED
  • Green
  • Purple
3. Slide
60 seconds
Earth's axis is tilted in relation to its orbit around the Sun, and this tilt causes the seasons we experience. The Sun's light and warmth is spread evenly across the planet during the spring and fall months when the poles are tilted perpendicular to the Sun. In the winter months, when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun, the Sun's light and warmth is not as concentrated and the days are shorter.
Earth Sun Relationship & Seasons
4. Slide
60 seconds
Earth's Rotational Axis: The fact that the Earth's axis is slightly tilted affects the seasons. The tilt is responsible for the changes in the amount of sunlight that each hemisphere receives throughout the year. Earth's Orbit: The Earth's orbit around the Sun affects the timing and intensity of sunlight each hemisphere receives. This is responsible for the seasonal changes in temperature. Solstices and Equinoxes: The solstices and equinoxes mark the beginning and end of the four seasons. The summer and winter solstices mark the longest and shortest days of the year, respectively.
5. Slide
60 seconds
The Earth and Sun are always in a 'dance', as the Earth moves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit. This is why we experience different seasons throughout the year. The Earth's tilt is the reason why we get seasons. The Earth is tilted at 23.4 degrees, which is why we get different amounts of sunlight in different parts of the year. The Earth is actually closest to the Sun in January, not July. This is why it is usually cooler in July in the Northern Hemisphere, even though it is closer to the Sun in that month.
Did you know?
6. Open question
240 seconds
Work together in pairs: How does the earth's tilt on its axis affect the amount of sunlight each hemisphere receives throughout the year and how does this affect the seasons?
7. Open question
180 seconds
Work together in pairs: What are the four seasons and what causes them?
8. Drawings
450 seconds
DRAWING: Draw the earth and sun during the Southern Hemisphere's winter.
9. Poll
60 seconds
What is the cause of the changing seasons?
  • The tilt of the Earth's axis
  • The rising and setting of the Sun
  • The rotation of the Earth's axis
  • The changing distance between the Earth and the Sun
10. Poll
60 seconds
When is the Earth farthest from the Sun?
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter
11. Poll
60 seconds
What is the relationship between the Earth, Sun and seasons?
  • The Sun causes the Earth to rotate and this creates seasons
  • The Earth's rotation is determined by the Sun and creates seasons
  • The tilt of the Earth's axis determines seasons
  • The distance between the Earth and the Sun determines seasons

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