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environmentally controlled traits


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Name one way people can control the environment?
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Environmentally controlled traits are characteristics that can be changed due to environmental factors. These traits can be physical, such as the length of a plant's stem, or behavioral, such as how an animal behaves in its habitat. These traits are vital for animals and plants to adapt to their environment.
Environmentally Controlled Traits
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Heredity Environment: Environmentally Controlled Traits:
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Some plants have evolved to respond to environmental cues, such as temperature, light, and humidity, by changing their physical characteristics, such as leaf size and shape. Some plants can even sense the presence of certain animals and use it to their advantage! For example, some plants can detect the presence of caterpillars and increase the production of toxins to ward them off. Certain plants are even able to adjust their level of drought tolerance depending on the environment they are in!
Did you know?
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Name one way the environment can affect how a plant grows.
7. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a picture of a robot that has three heads, each head belonging to a different animal. The robot should be in a garden full of colourful flowers and plants.
8. Poll
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Which of the following traits are environmentally controlled?
  • Eye Color
  • Height
  • Skin Color
  • Hair Color
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Which type of traits are most influenced by the environment?
  • Physical Traits
  • Emotional Traits
  • Behavioral Traits
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What role does the environment play in a person's traits?
  • It determines the traits a plant will have
  • It has no effect on a plant's traits
  • It change certain aspects of the plant.
11. Open question
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What is one thing you know now?
12. Open question
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What is one question you still have?

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