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In one sentence, what is a growth mindset?
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A growth mindset is the belief that you can improve and learn new things. It helps you to stay motivated and work hard, even when things are difficult. Focusing on growth and progress can help you achieve your goals.
Developing a Growth Mindset
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Growth Mindset: The belief that you can improve and learn new things by working hard and staying motivated. Motivation: The drive or ambition to work hard and strive towards a goal. Progress: The advancement towards a goal in small but measurable steps.
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A study found that students who believed they could get smarter actually did get smarter over time. Having a growth mindset is linked to higher levels of happiness and wellbeing. Growth mindset can help us reach our goals even if we make mistakes along the way.
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Work together in pairs: Describe one situation in which you could have used a growth mindset and explain how it could have been beneficial.
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Work together in pairs: What have you learned about growth mindset that you can apply to a real life situation?
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Brain break: Draw a picture of a robot playing the trumpet on a unicycle while juggling ice cream cones!
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