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Main Idea: What It Is and How To Find It
Main idea is the most important thought in a piece of writing. Look for the sentence that tells the main topic of the text. Read the whole text to figure out the main idea.
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What do you think is the main idea of 'The Three Little Pigs'?
  • The importance of hard work
  • The power of friendship
  • The consequences of laziness
  • The value of good planning
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What do you know about Hurricanes?
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Earth's Deadliest Storms: Hurricanes
Hurricanes are intense storms with strong winds and heavy rain. They form over warm ocean waters and can cause destruction when they make landfall. Hurricanes are most common in the Caribbean and along the East Coast of the United States.
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Did you know?
Hurricanes are so powerful that their winds can create waves up to 82 feet high. Hurricanes can create tornadoes and waterspouts as they travel. The average hurricane releases more energy than 10,000 nuclear bombs!
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Work together in pairs: What is the main way people prepare for hurricanes?
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What is a hurricane?
  • A powerful storm with strong winds and heavy rain
  • A kind of dance
  • A type of fish
  • A dessert made with ice cream and cookies
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What is the center of a hurricane called?
  • The heart
  • The eye
  • The nose
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What was the main idea about what you just read?
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What evidence is used to support the main idea of the text?

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