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What is the primary function of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)?
  • Providing loans to small-scale industries
  • Regulating and supervising the securities market
  • Managing foreign exchange reserves
2. Poll
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What type of reforms are made by the government in the banking sector:-
  • Reduction in mandatory reserves
  • Operational flexibility
  • Improvement in competition
  • None of all
3. Poll
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Demand deposits include :
  • Cheque able deposits
  • Deposits which can be withdrawn on demand
  • Fixed deposits for a period
  • Both (a) and (b)
4. Poll
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Credit creation in commercial banks is determined by
  • Cash Reserve ratio
  • Statutory liquidity Ratio
  • Initial Deposits
  • All the above
5. Poll
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Many products from small-scale industries were ________ after the industrial sector was deregulated in 1991.
  • De-reserved
  • Reserved
  • Both a and b are correct
  • Both a and b are incorrect
6. Open question
210 seconds
Arrange the following steps involved in the process of credit appraisal in banks in the correct sequence: 1. Saction of loan 2. Due diligence and credit analysis 3. Loan Documentation 4. Credit appraisal report
7. Poll
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In India, Money supply (M1) is equal to:
  • Currency with people
  • Currency with people +Demand Deposits
  • Currency with people+ Net Demand deposits held by the commercial banks
  • None of these
8. Poll
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Central bank of a country does not deal with--------------------
  • General public
  • Commercial banks
  • Central government
  • State government
9. Poll
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On which type of borrowing RePO rate is charged by RBI
  • On short term borrowings
  • No long term borrowings
  • Borrowings to maintain reserves
  • Borrowings to purchase assets
10. Poll
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What kind of tool RePO rate is:-
  • Qualitative tool
  • Quantitative tool
  • Fiscal tool
  • None of these
11. Poll
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Why RePO rate is called Repurchasing rate:-
  • Commercial bank has to mortgage its securities with RBI
  • Commercial bank has to make an agreement to repurchase the securities mortgage with RBI
  • Commercial banks have to pay interest on borrowings
  • All of thes
12. Poll
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If inflationary conditions persist in economy then what should be done with RePo rate
  • RePo rate should be increased
  • RePo rate should be reduced
  • Does not change RePO rate
  • None of above
13. Poll
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Which of the following is not a quantitative Method of credit control?
  • Open Market Operation
  • Margin Requirements
  • Variable reserve Ratio
  • Bank Rate Ratio
14. Poll
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Which of the following is not the function of Central bank?
  • Bank facilities to Public
  • Bank facilities to government
  • Lending to commercial bank
  • Lending to Public
15. Poll
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Narasimham Committee was appointed for…………
  • Agricultural reforms
  • Industry reforms
  • Insurance reforms
  • Banking reforms
16. Poll
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What was the maximum limit of Statutory Liquidity Ratio had Narasimham Committee recommended?
  • 25%
  • 10%
  • 15%
  • 20%
17. Poll
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In India, forex rates are determined by:
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • RBI
  • Demand and supply forces
18. Poll
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Which is not a function of RBI?
  • Assuming the responsibility of the statistical analysis of data related to macro economy of India
  • Assuming responsibility of all banking operations of the government
  • Holding cash reserves of all commercial banks and make available financial accommodation to them
  • Assuming the responsibility to meet directly or indirectly all reasonable demands for the accommodation

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