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Land forms are the physical features of the Earth's surface, such as mountains, valleys, and plains. Land forms can be shaped by forces like erosion, folding, or volcanoes. Land forms can also be created by living things like beavers and ants.
Land Forms
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Mountain: a large landform that rises high above its surrounding area, usually having steep sides and a pointed or rounded top. Valley: a low area of land between two higher areas, often with a river or stream running through it. Plateau: an area of relatively flat land that is higher than the land around it, usually with steep sides.
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The highest mountain range in the world is the Himalayan Mountains. The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal located in Siberia, Russia. The longest river in the world is the Nile River located in Africa.
Did you know?
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What are some examples of land forms?
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What types of land forms can you find in your local area?
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What do you think would happen if land forms changed over time?
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How do land forms affect the way people live?
8. Drawings
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Brain break: Draw a dinosaur playing hopscotch with a group of birds.
9. Drawings
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Question: Which land form is made of sand and is shaped by wind? Clues: • It is often found near a beach. • It is usually dry and flat. • It can have different shapes and sizes. In pairs: Select and solve one of the tasks: A. Draw a picture of the land form. B. Work with a partner to name the land form.
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What is a highland?
  • A low and flat land
  • An area of high or mountainous land
  • A region with trees
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What is a valley?
  • A low area between hills or mountains typically with a river running through it
  • An elevated area of land
  • A place where there are many caves
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What is an island?
  • A large rock formation in the ocean
  • Land surrounded by water on all sides
  • A piece of land that juts out into the water
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What is a peninsula?
  • A piece of land almost completely surrounded by water but still connected to the mainland
  • An opening in the earth's surface from which hot water and steam escape
  • The highest point on Earth
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What is a canyon?
  • Mountains peaks covered in snow and ice
  • Flat-topped hills that stand alone in flat areas
  • Deep, narrow valleys with steep sides
15. Open question
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Work together in pairs: What is one way that land forms can change over time?

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